Monday, February 25, 2008

Life takes us to where we don't want to go;

I have horrible news. My friend Maro had just left us. He met in a car accident last night and he didn't make it. Oh god. Why didn't you hang in there hun? :/ It was just last Wednesday we were talking about how purple shouldn't be a hair color and how I should not text people because I would seem too desperate. I said I would text Maro but I didn't and the last thing he said to me was 'Okay! I'll text you back.' But I didn't. And also I promised him that I'd try to go to his game, but I didn't. I feel like crap, no, even lower than crap.

Maro did many stuff to bring joy into our lives in that short period of time that we knew him. It started off with him paying for our taxi ride to him making Rash's name seem like a joke. Mithraaa. haha. And then he'd bring us papers and we'd argue about football teams and read horoscopes together. That sounds lame but hey, right now, I appreciate it a whole lot.

He will be missed and is loved by all of us. Maro once mentioned that he liked purple, and tomorrow, I'm going to wear the exact same jacket and shoes he said he'd wear if he was a girl. Oh god I miss him so much. He was the only guy I trusted with my problems. I guess I won't find anyone that can anymore. Oh well.

Rest in Peace Maro.