Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vater Drumsticks;

more where that came from on my xanga. like I said, I like xanga a whole lot more than here. I only post here because most of my friends have blogger and not xanga. no way I'm going to change it b/c my friends have it. I've had xanga for 4 years now. So, you do the math. that's a dragon seahorse thinger.

anyway, more pictures of my Singapore trip on xanga or livejournal, whichever you pick. comment if you want my xanga please. :]

i got my learner's permit. word.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm back again;


So yeah, in the spirit of Christmas, I'll post something Christmas-y. I don't celebrate it by the way, just wanting to clear it up, some people've been asking, 'OMG, why aren't you excited for Christmas??' So yeahh. There you have it.

Here's my Christmas playlist, in order;
1. My Christmas Wishlist - Simple Plan
2. Mary Did You Know - Clay Aiken
3. My Girlfriend - The Click Five
4. x12 Days Of xMASx - From First to Last
5. The Great Holy - Kelly Clarkson
6. 12 Days of Christmas - Relient K
7. Christmassacre - From First to Last
8. Proud Of Your Boy - Clay Aiken

take a listen, maybe you'll like them. Simple Plan remains my first because I like the lyrics and the catchy tune, but if you're more of a scene thy of person, I'd suggest you listen to Christmassacre by From First to Last. Pretty much amazing.

So yeah, more elaborate stuff on my Xanga. take a look if you like. But I'll post my presents here b/c I like them a whole lot.






adfghjkl. zomg i'm going for my bengkel tomorrow. fuck yeah. one step closer to get my driver's lisence. now, i'm heading over to my cousin's place for a little party. taa-taa.

Friday, December 21, 2007

apple sauce;

i'm going to Singapore. So much for the weekend plans. :/
&& I passed my law test for driving. scream with me.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

new photos;

on my dA site. Comment them please? :] I took them on the beach when I was at Port Dickson. asdfghjkl. That would make my day. :] Thanks.

Back in Black;

First up;

omg omg find 1.24 minute. why can't I be that chick huh?? ahhh fuck.

So hii. Yeah, I'mma back from my trip. Was most fun. But very little pictures b/c I was concentration on the beach, running around and shopping more than anything else. All from my cell phone, too lazy to upload my dad's here. They're up on my xanga.

asdfghjkl. i need to sit for my undang test on Wednesday. I can't believe I didn't call ealier. :/

&& btw, I made Xanga private again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sandcastles and waves;

Yayy. I'm going on a holiday! asdfghjkl.
unlocked my xanga. spam it with comments if you like. :]

oh and there are new stuff on my dA account. leave loves there please.

make damn sure of this

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Sherman

Fuyooo Sherman.

so i just remembered it's Sherman's birthday. Happy birthday mate! :]