Monday, June 30, 2008

It's not over;

They played super this time round. Nonetheless, I still love them.

I can't get over how funny this pictures is. Wheee!

Urbanscapes 2008;

it was friggin awesome. and i got to see them play!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

They're one step closer to victory;

and we have this man to thank. perfection
he's cute huh? I've always liked his red cheeks. random much?
It was such a wtff game, for various reasons; 1. Who knew Turkey could play defence that well. I didn't. 2. The fact that there was a power failure in Basel so the rest of the world couldn't watch the match for a long time, didn't help. 3. There should've been a penalty given to Philip Lahm. Replays say so. 4. The fact that the winner is going to the finals with Russia/Spain. 5. The fact that Zar had put $100 on Germany loosing.


Yess. My favourite players in the whole wide world have done it again. Moving one step closer to victory last night in Basel. Yess. Three scorers:

Bastian Schweinsteiger. 25th minute, assisted by Podolski, almost an exact goal recreation like the Portugal match. He equalized the score within 4 minutes. Roar is the stadium.

40th minute: Simone Rolfes and Ayan Akkman's head clashes. Ayan Akkman falls to the ground clutching head, then the camera turns to Rolfes, he is bleeding bad above the left eye. Pshh, and you don't see him rolling on the ground twitching. We see Torsten Frings talking to Joachim Loew. He is one incredible guy, suffering from rib fractures and all and still being able to play. No matter, Rolfes comes back onto the pitch. Yay Germany.

49th minute: Lahm is fed a great ball from the center and tears into the area where his heels are clipped by Sabri Sarioglu. There’s a confident shout for a penalty but referee Massimo Busacca waves play on. What. the. fuck. Sorry with the cursing. But replays show clearly PENALTY, if not at least a free kick. Fucking idiotic referee. That's what everyone will be talking about the next day. Now Frings is in the field. He really tightened the midfield. Frings in, Rolfes out.

57th - 61th minute: Tv froze. Aestaticness. We were looking at each other with 'the look'. Then Adam and Jien's faces appear on the telly telling us that there's been a power failure at EBU power point. Jien: "Alamak, the engineer must've been a Croatian, he doesn't want the rest of the world to see what happens because these two beat his country. Kidding." Hmm,
might've been true. You never know.

75th - 85th minute. According to my sources, another lightning bolt hits the EBU power point. Is there a higher power trying to tell us something? Hmm. Score is still 1-1 though.

Miroslav Klose, 79th minute. Greatt, just great. He header-ed the ball in sent by Lahm making the score 2-1. Yess, we were throwing stuff around the living room cursing at each other.

80th minute: Problem solved. Finally. Telly is back on. I'm telling you, it isn't nice to be watching Jien and Adam's faces when there are 11 German men out there on the field. Sorry, but that is the truth.

86th min: Turks score equalizer. Lucky shot. Pshh.

Philip Lahm, 89th minute. Everyone's mind was thinking about it going into extra time, even the Turks that were playing. The incredible happens, Lahm, who plays left back, and ocassionally right back, comes breezing into the penalty area and aims for Hizlsperger(sp?). Lahm tears into the box from the left, and smacks a murderous volley into the upper-V. Incredible. Noone expected that. I suppose it's the rage of getting clobbered by strong hairy Turkey men and not getting a penalty, as you can clearly see above, he feels the pain.

90th minute: Punctuated by another power outage. Goshh. Now I am certain that the Germans will 100% win this unless the Turks score another dramatic euqalizer or something. Highly doubt that. Started celebrating. Coke flying everywhere. Wait. Apparently the game is still going on. Malu. I sit and wait, watching Jien and Adam C talking.

93rd min: Feeds come back on. I see this:

Nuff said. Victory. I am $100 richer, if Zar remembers. &smirks; I see Schweinsteiger with the hat. The hat will one day be MINE. Soooo, people Germany advance and will face Russia I hope for the finals on the 29th. But I highly doubt that, Spain is pretty darn good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


he's so freaking adorable!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your voice is the soundtrack of my summer;


I've been waiting for this forever. I was so sure that they'd make this a single. It's a pretty amazing song if you ask me, take away the considetration that Boys Like Girls are currently everyone's favourite pop band, and also the fact that it's Martin's second video with that shirt on.

Note To Future Boyfriend: Whoever you are, learn up this song please. thankerss.

Friday, June 20, 2008


And they said it couldn't be done.

22nd min. with help from Podolski.

Just after a 4 minute gap;
with help from Schweinsteiger's free kick.

61st minute. also with help from Schweinsteiger's free kick.


in your face Dave :P

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dave the ninja;

sometimes i have nothing to say to this guy. he makes my day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my hero of 6 years;

has done it -- yet AGAIN.

Don't you just love them? (please give Gomez a break, sure he missed 238579278 goal opportunities but yeah, still) They played so brilliantly so far and I'm hoping to see them trash Portugal on Thursday, just like a few years back. Sorry Dave, I'm all German for this one babe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

i miss this lot;

asswipes! I miss you all and those random times we had. these people have a special place in heart :] and also cause premenant brain damage to me. nonetheless, everyday life with BSI-ians are never safe. i love you all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Amateur Night At The Apollo Creed!

am sorry. failed to mention, yesterday, Mr. Klose turned 30.
and he did a stunning job in the match that morning.

My dear Fifi tagged me :]

What you all might not know about me. [State 10 things]

1. i think watching football in the afternoon is kind of turn off-y.
2. i like to play the piano and i enjoy it when noone is watching me play.
3. i like to go on FFS on facebook a whole lot.
4. i think passing on chain letters are a waste of time, but i do it anyway to please some people.
5. i've always wanted to be a travel-photojournalist, instead of an architect.
6. i can actually speak Japanesse more than people think I can, but I sometimes pretend not to know it at all. So, don't be surprised if one day I yell at you in Japanesse.
7. my favourite food on the surface of earth is a Big Mac.
8. sushi and onigiri comes in second place, followed by okonomiyaki.
9. i KNOW that there's someone out there for me, and i have no problem staying unattached until i find him. however lame that sounds, it's true :]
10. although i love France and everything European, i still think the best place to live in the world is Tokyo, Japan.

I tag;
1. Felix
2. Douglas
3. Aiman
4. Winnie
5. Jayne
6. Lee Yee

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rising from the ashes

Okay so let me take a little of my internet time to present you one of my all time favourite bands in the world. These guys have made it hard in life to come up with this new self-titled album: FROM FIRST TO LAST. Not long ago, From First to Last supported a powerful lead singer; Sonny Moore who brought the band to the surface of the media world with number 1 song; Note To Self. But then in November 2006, Sonny had announced officialy to the band that he was resigning, in short, quitting the band. Everyone thought, and I quote Matt Good “like, ‘Oh shit, do we have to break up now?’”. Then shortly after that, the band's record label also dropped them causing them to go broke.

From left; Derek Bloom, Matt Good, Travis Richter and Matt Manning.

“It was weird. The rug was pulled out from under our feet. Matt almost disappeared, he was kinda shell-shocked; Derek saw it as a challenge; and I just tried to put the pieces together, to work it all out. It was more about survival than anything else.” - Travis Richter

Weeks after that the band had found Matt Manning which took up the post of bassist and Matt Good who returned to the days before Sonny Moore. Yes my friends he was back on vocals pumped as ever. Mind you, when they did Aesthetic they sounded pretty intense, and when they did Heroine, I'd admit they rock even more. So then shortly after Matt moved to vocals the band got their adrenaline back and started playing at gigs while their fans came pouring in all over the United States to show support. Mind you, the guys had nothing but themselves, their talent and the love and support of their fans now.

So, within weeks, the guys got lucky and signed with Suretone Records. It was their chance to shine once again. With that the guys got back to work and started recording. They started to write again. But this took a turn as they were pretty stumped as everyone thought Sonny Moore was the core of the band.

“It was our band from the beginning but a lot of kids saw Sonny as the front man and assumed he was the heart of From First To Last. So we needed to hurry up and do something without him to show everybody who we really are.” - Travis Richter

The guys then went off to tour with bands like Hawthrone Heights and Deftones and their magic came back after a week's worth of touring. Fired up and reenergized, the band got back to work in October, this time pairing with producer Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Slayer, 30 Seconds to Mars) and engineer Ryan Williams (Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Mastodon) at Abraham’s Pulse Recordings in Silverlake, CA. Soon, the self titled album was made.

“There were a lot of bumps, but the road is really long. We’ve learned what not to do and what to look out for. If anything, it’s been a great learning experience. Everything is finally started going smoothly.”- Matt Good

See, this is the kind of spirit we should see from the music scene these days and not the royal treatment some people are getting through these days. Sure they worked hard to make it to where they are now in the scene but have they had to go through a phase just as these guys had? So I urge you to take a listen to them and go out and support one of the most amazing music acts in the world; From First to Last.

Take a listen please;

Before you take a listen, I want to say that it means loads if someone came up to me and said that they're an FFTL fan too and they like them for their MUSIC and not their looks, okay so Matt and Derek can me eye candy but if you heard their music and you like it, tell me, I'll be happy to send you songs and such :D Mind you when they did Aestheitc(sp?) they looked like shit. Their image has improved tremendously. Really. Whoo, I thank Sarah for this all. ilybby <3> screaming and noise and cussing, then DON'T listen, you won't like it.


P.S.: I wrote this myself b/c I want to tell you guys something. Please excuse the spelling and grammar errors :] comments please!