Thursday, April 23, 2009

"stress ah? stress ah?"

my god. Can I quit architorture? Like it's not enough that my classes confuse me already, I keep mixing up my lecturers; in my defence, Suja taught BC last sem okay, and my assignments are never ending. Especially this PARTICULAR subject on my list. CAD 2; 3ds max.

The thought of failing the subject and retaking it next semester really did cross my mind, and it still is. I don't know how to cope with it especially since my computer is giving me problems. I know I should've just used the computers in the digi lab but I can't! I used max 9 instead of max 7. If the comps in the digi lab would've had max 9, I'd prolly already finished my assignment. This is because, I KEEP GETTING AN ERROR EVERY BLODDY TIME I TRY TO RENDER. The heck la. Aiyo and my building is so simple. I dont know why I damn smart, went and picked this building. I know, because I thought it was simple enough. NO IT ISN'T! Gah. I hope I can render and pass up in time. God knows how long it'll take to render :/

stupid model doesn't even look like what it's suppose to look it also.
How? I ask you? DIE LA, that's how.
now trying to render again :/

Saturday, April 4, 2009


anyone else thinks he looks like a horse too? don't get me wrong, i like the guy, it's just when I saw this picture I had to go 'damn, he looks like a horse trying to sing.'

Okay 3D Max-ers! Tell me who he(Danny Gokey) looks like!
Please don't fail me for CAD 2 ya sir.