Sunday, September 27, 2009

unpack to repack;

Look what daddy got me from London? I dont care that it doesn't have a number or it doesn't have the EPL tag. He hates Chelsea and he still got it for me :) Yayy.

Mmm, just finished packing. Stacie is sleeping over, we'll get going at 4am tomorrow. Ayam very full from dinner. Uhh, been out so much lately it's unusual. I like this freedom and I dont want to abuse it but dang it's addictive.

Working drawings. DIE. Studio. DIE. Services. DYING. History. DYING. Structures. DEAD. Oh I have so much work to doo :/ I will terrorize Alina this week :) Bye bye loves! But for now;

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A look into the future;

September has almost come to an end and we'll close another month in our lives soon. Not much is going to happen but this next month;

decipher if you can loves!

To the people related, I can't wait for it to happen and I am so stoked! Especially for Halloween. I remember last year, it was fun. The sight of people in weird looking outfits excite me I suppose. And I forsee that my wallet is going to be getting lighter and lighter as the days pass by b/c it's about.. 13 people's birthdays who fall under that month. Was October making babies season a few years back or what? haha, it's going to be fun I think!

As of now, my workload is still piling up. Working drawings, Studio, PAM Camp, Services, History and dare I say it? STRUCTURES.

zomg say 'YAY!' with me :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wake me up when September ends;

Wow, this month has been pretty hectic. Assignments, Mid-terms and also presentations. We've survived a whole lot of crap this month. I fear it's only going to get worse. Though it may be hectic and crappy, i think we all do agree that we do enjoy it :)
Anyway here are some random pictures of the month's events;

what the NKVE looks like at 5 in the morning.


i want you to look very cleary on the news paper. no really.

taken by the felix: douglas wan, dont act cute please, the pikachu face is not working.
Still to come;
1. BEP meet and greet
3. AAR show with the bunch :)
it's going to be funnn this time round!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mmm, i hope they play this that night! it's uber cute :D

workload update;
1. Studio 2; Creature Scanning (Tuesday)
2. Working Drawings; Plans (Tuesday)
3. Services 2; Mid Term (Thursday)
4. Services 2; Research Draft (Monday) wtf.

oh yaay, i have so much free time =.=

Monday, September 7, 2009


zhen yang has invaded my blog. nooooo. mmm, modeling finish. now to max and cad it! x.x

Sunday, September 6, 2009

That special one

HELLO special one.

i've been staring at you for days and nights. im sure you don't even realize that. but i hope you'll realize someday.



special post for marie;

AHAHAH. but this guy's voice damn nice! xD omg. jun win singing next to me. LOL.

aiyoh. studio, die. :/ looks like i'll have to stay over tonight :/ im going to stink.

jun win: JJ read this.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the crazy irish boy made me post this!

I am officially grounded until furthur notice :D say thank you to Chelsea people! balik lambat that night kenaa from parents. haha. damn funny. mmkay people all updating their blogs now. eesh ZY, you la. fine, update untuk you.

1. September = the busiest month everr.
2. ZY is going to Nepal with us! Yay! Come, I push you off the Himalayas.
3. My max skills died, Karlson, aren't you proud of me?
4. Sue and I need to go see I Love You, Beth Cooper together.
5. BTS, you have a very nice name :D and eyes tooo.
6. I made a new plurk friend! Hiii Jeremy!
7. Need to start my 'diet' again -.- must gungho that one.
8. Will keep my word to mummy to be a singelton till Aussie. Sue you broke the pack, boo.
9. GAMER! ZOMG we go watch la Athan & Siti Aiman!
10. Boys Like Girls CD, must collect. Paul :D
11. I must control my swearing. I tend to let out too many unwanted words in Athan's holy carrides :D sorrehhh.
12. Ahahah. Siti Aiman, sorry sorry sorry sorry neka neka neka neka... hahhha.
13. Aiyohhh. 3ds Max, I forgot everything already.
14. Chelsea is currently #1 now :D
15. I am the man for walking up 16 flights of stairs today with the Jake. I love my Jake :D

back to history 1, working drawings and studio nowww. die die dieee. aiyohh. 1am already. still nothing on my max T.T it's times like this that I wish I paied attention to S N Low's Revit skills.

i am hungry. rawrr.