Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Life is funny sometimes, we don't get things we want, but we get things we WANT. Am currently in Melbourne, although it's hard at first, I am coping. I've friends here that make me feel at home and all the love in the world. Events aren't falling short though. There seems to be a festival every weekend. Soundwave and the Bruswick Music Festival just passed and the Moomba Festival is coming up. Pretty stoked to be going.

I stumbled upon a rare opportunity last week; I got to go to a 30 Seconds to Mars show. It was a secret show in Melbourne, courtesy of Take 40. It's been my dream to go see a 30STM show and what better than to attend a semi-private show in Melbourne. About 100 people turned up for the event and the band rocked the evening. It was a short gig unfortunately but the band did not fail to amaze. I got amazing shots of my 'God', Shannon and Tom and I got to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, partying on stage with the band for the number 'Kings and Queens'. For my first show in Melbourne, it was pretty much epic. And it was FREE.

'God'; he sings like a MAN.

Tomo needs a shave.

Monster on the drums.

This was the best view ever, I won't lie; I'm CRAZY.

And guess who else I met?? He's wayy too adorable man.

Dear Melbourne, I hope luck will finally stay on my side. You've been good to me, and it's only 3 weeks. I could get used to this.