Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vater Drumsticks;

more where that came from on my xanga. like I said, I like xanga a whole lot more than here. I only post here because most of my friends have blogger and not xanga. no way I'm going to change it b/c my friends have it. I've had xanga for 4 years now. So, you do the math. that's a dragon seahorse thinger.

anyway, more pictures of my Singapore trip on xanga or livejournal, whichever you pick. comment if you want my xanga please. :]

i got my learner's permit. word.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm back again;


So yeah, in the spirit of Christmas, I'll post something Christmas-y. I don't celebrate it by the way, just wanting to clear it up, some people've been asking, 'OMG, why aren't you excited for Christmas??' So yeahh. There you have it.

Here's my Christmas playlist, in order;
1. My Christmas Wishlist - Simple Plan
2. Mary Did You Know - Clay Aiken
3. My Girlfriend - The Click Five
4. x12 Days Of xMASx - From First to Last
5. The Great Holy - Kelly Clarkson
6. 12 Days of Christmas - Relient K
7. Christmassacre - From First to Last
8. Proud Of Your Boy - Clay Aiken

take a listen, maybe you'll like them. Simple Plan remains my first because I like the lyrics and the catchy tune, but if you're more of a scene thy of person, I'd suggest you listen to Christmassacre by From First to Last. Pretty much amazing.

So yeah, more elaborate stuff on my Xanga. take a look if you like. But I'll post my presents here b/c I like them a whole lot.






adfghjkl. zomg i'm going for my bengkel tomorrow. fuck yeah. one step closer to get my driver's lisence. now, i'm heading over to my cousin's place for a little party. taa-taa.

Friday, December 21, 2007

apple sauce;

i'm going to Singapore. So much for the weekend plans. :/
&& I passed my law test for driving. scream with me.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

new photos;

on my dA site. Comment them please? :] I took them on the beach when I was at Port Dickson. asdfghjkl. That would make my day. :] Thanks.

Back in Black;

First up;

omg omg find 1.24 minute. why can't I be that chick huh?? ahhh fuck.

So hii. Yeah, I'mma back from my trip. Was most fun. But very little pictures b/c I was concentration on the beach, running around and shopping more than anything else. All from my cell phone, too lazy to upload my dad's here. They're up on my xanga.

asdfghjkl. i need to sit for my undang test on Wednesday. I can't believe I didn't call ealier. :/

&& btw, I made Xanga private again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sandcastles and waves;

Yayy. I'm going on a holiday! asdfghjkl.
unlocked my xanga. spam it with comments if you like. :]

oh and there are new stuff on my dA account. leave loves there please.

make damn sure of this

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Sherman

Fuyooo Sherman.

so i just remembered it's Sherman's birthday. Happy birthday mate! :]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


art is over. i'm happy. :]
perdagangan tomorrow. not happy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

they're back bitches.

I have been searching for hours for this video. and thus, i say again, I LOVE YOUTUBE. I give you a 38 second video preview of Simple Plan's upcoming video 'When I'm Gone'. The song is amazing. Better than I last heard it in acoustic. Thank Jme. ilyy. But, enjoy.

when i'm gone video snippet

Their self-titled album debuts January 29th 2008. Their first single is "When I'm Gone", which is available on iTunes. You can pre-order the album at Some song titles include "Your Love Is A Lie", "Generation", "No Love", "The End" and more. Album produced by Dave Fortman. I'm still not happy. WHY DOES PEREZ HILTON GET TO BE IN THE VIDEO AND I DON'T? lmfao.

my bby. pierre bouvier. still say he's not good looking?
look at them amazing new tatts.

Monday, November 26, 2007

yeah man

done. habis. owari. fait. hecho. Gemacht.

Seulement 8 plus de jours pour aller, alors c'est la liberté. je ne peux pas attendre.

Friday, November 23, 2007

for sue;

okay, you happy? i'm posting this for you. you suck. you know, i wouldn't do this for anyone else bitch. b/c you know i hate blogspot. :P but I ♥ you. omg we look RETARDED.

there was a picture of me and sue here
a few days back. so i decided it's time to
take it down b/c it was embarassing. mmhm

ehh, look. i see my click poster. :D wow, long time ago.
okay, maybe not so, but i couldn't find a picture longer ago than this. malas to cari.

so you see;

okay, so i love myspace and ya'll know that. and i also love recieving comments from various people. Observe the following comments and what i have to say about them.

1. Shinigami.
WHAT THE FUCK? i don't even know you. yeesh. don't ask me why i even approved him on my list because my answer is 'i'd like to find out myself actually.' but i;m just too damn lazy to look for him on my friends list and delete him. please kill him.

2. *username blanked out for a purpose.
see? these are people that i love to chat with on-line. He's friendly, he talks to people and not just want a number count on him friends list. And bonus, he's good looking and plays the bass. thought i don't like his band much.

3. *username blanked out for a purpose.
ehh, idk. Should i delete her? good idea huh?
nah, i love her. xanga soulmate. :D

this is quite pointless btw, so, don't read it if you don't want to. It;s the funniest reply i ever got.
Transfer of "takeitawaypreview.png" is complete.
Transfer of "hardtosaypreview copy.png" is complete.

-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
yer... why so ...yerr...
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
lizzette!™ says:
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
it looks..
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
.weirddddd.. abit the disgusting..
lizzette!™ says: my heroooooo!
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
yerrrrr... omg....
lizzette!™ says:
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
yeeeeeeeeee.. weirdooooo
lizzette!™ says:
so not
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
its so weird omg..
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
.lol!.. anyway!!! i gtg already! mom bisinging..
lizzette!™ says:
byeeeee! thanks for the moral help
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
damn weird lar u...
lizzette!™ says:
-Ming Jie- i stood out a distance to feel who you are says:
nothing nothing... you're precious.
lizzette!™ says:
you're weird.

tom can fly. wheeee.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I need a Blogskin

Any ideas where I can get one? A nice one I mean.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I think;

Image Hosted by
My photography. I think it's getting worse. Check out my deviant art account. Tell me what you think about them. If you want one, I'll send them to you without my copyright on it. Kthanks.


Honestly tell me who doesn't love them? This is my favourite video. And it should be yours too. :]

I want a trackmill. Buy me one.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Birthday my two Homies;

So, it's my two favourite celeb's birthdays. Yeah, notice the s behind birthdays. That's because they fall tow days in a row. 9th May and 10th May.

9th May 1980. Pierre Bouvier.

Ladies, meet Pierre Charles Bouvier, a.k.a. Pie. He's the frontman of Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan and has been my very first exposure to real music. (I like stuff like Birtney Spears and M2M back then. ick.) I started liking Simple Plan in 2005 when I was flipping through channels and decided to pause on their first single's music video 'Perfect'. It was pretty ironic at first because I was going on about how much they sucked before I watched it. So yeah. Since then, my obsession towards Simple Plan started. I remember driving my parents and friends to insanity because of my 'obsession' and then realised that it was pretty dumb so I decided to tone down abit in 2006.
Simple Plan has taken me to my very first show and has made it the best night of my life. Honestly, not even giving my 1000 million dollars can make it better. I had the time of my life and I have my parents to thank for that. Besides that, Simple Plan gave me a wake up call after I came back from their show on the 29th of March 2005. You see, the very next day I was having my mid-term exams and it was math. And I almost totally failed it. So, I took that as a wake up call for my math and since then I decided to work a little harder on math. So yeah.
Pierre turns 27 this year, (talk about old) and is currently at the recording studio with fellow bandmates recording their 3rd studio album which is due in stores somewhere in June to July 2007.

10th May 1983. Joey Zehr.

Now turn your attention to Mr. Joesph David Zehr, a.k.a. J0Jo Bear. Joey is the drummer of American Power-Pop band The Click Five and is my hero. You see, aside from Simple Plan, The Click Five is my other craving, which ties for the first spot in my top 100 favourite bands. Since 2005 when The Click Five emerged, I had this thing for them. It didn't catch my attention at first, when their first single 'Just The Girl' hit the media world. But when 'Catch Your Wave' came into the spotlight, I realised my craving towards them, and Mr. Zehr. In December 2006, when my friend Michelle went to America, she was nice enough to buy me my very first Click Five album, and my very first imported CD, which contained their trading card, which made me feel a pang of specialty and pride because noone else I knew had it. I wouldn't have gotten it if I bought it from those pirated CD sellers in the night market.
The Click Five had their 'Catch Your Wave' promo tour here in Malaysia last year. I didn't get to go see them. It wasn't because I didn't have a ticket, because the show was an 'invite only' show, it was because of the unfortunate event after the Simple Plan show. And yes, I was devistated. Very very much. There was one point where I considered sneaking out to watch them. But then I told myself that the guys would be back in a couple of years and I'd get to go watch them then. And I'm right. The Click Five will be back at the end of the year with new frontman Kyle Patrick, and I get to go because it's after my SPM examinations.
Joey Zehr turns 24 this year, only a couple years younger than Pierre. The Click Five have almost finised their 2nd studio album, Modern Minds and Past Times which is due in stores on the 26th of June this year. I can not wait to get it. Right now The Click Five are having a fans appreciation tour in the United States, promoting their upcoming album. I so wish I was there. :/

I didn't get to write about them on their birthdays because I was having my mid-terms. So, happy belated birthday to you guys, you're getting old. ha. :]

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Red. Flowers. Sunlight.

My favourite picture I ever took. No shit. I took this. And about another dozen of the same one. It just felt like it'd make a nice picture and I'm glad I took it. I wish I had my own camera now. Saving up for it seems like an eternity.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A true Fanjaya at heart.

My papaya is gone. What a tragedy. I was expceting Phil to leave. Oh well. Sanjaya managed to hula his way into our hearts. $1000 bet Sanjaya will hula his way into our hearts again. In the great words of Obiwan Kenobi, 'The more you defeat me, the stronger I become.' Just wait and see.


Friends Only.

Yes so, I decided it's time to make all my posts private and delete some of them because there are some VERY unwanted people viewing my blog. So thus, you know the drill. :]

Oh and btw, ya'll should check out The Click Five's new frontman. Kyle Patrick. Very posh looking guy and makes The Click Five sound 'rock'. Freaky much. Oh well, better than Eric Dill no?


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wow. So many footprints. Cunts. Get off my blog.