Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tried Google-ing;

I'm a Taylor's College student now. Just enrolled today. Anyway, I'll be starting this monday. Pretty nervous b/c I didn't go for the orientation. But there will be another one on Monday, hopefully, people won't think i'm a freak or anything, Going there alone and all. Anyway, I can't wait to get started though, it seems like a pretty fun course. I get to go on study trips. And the best part is, it's more of studio work, means more making models and sketching. Not much of calculating things or theory work. Yerr. So yeah looking forward to that a whole lot more then what I thought psychology and journalism would be.

I tried google-ing blogs and stuff for people who posted entries about going to Taylor's College's Architecture Course but I couldn't find any, so I guess looking for friends who are going to the same college on the net a few days before you're about to go for the course is a bad idea. I should have done that weeks ago. One word, procrastination.

maybe if I work hard enough, my dad will get me that;
i so want it real badd. :]

First driving lesson today with Mr. Alex. He taught Chui Ki awhile back so I'm pretty confident that he teach me everything I need to know. asdfghjkl. I drove hom from school today. clap for mehh.

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