Monday, August 4, 2008

i am quite annoyed right now;

with a number of things:

1. I like to watch football. METZELDER ISN'T PLAYING TONIGHT WEI! *fcuk. i stayed up for nothing watching that game.
2. I don't get my new laptop till NEXT week. Say what?
3. I am not going to see Panic! At The Disco live.
5. Pop Shuvit didn't win the MAA. Wtf.

Mmkay so my life isn't really as screwed up as I think it is. But I DO have a few things on my mind that I need to talk about. If I could only find someone to talk to tho. &sits in corner and hopes someone will call me up and talk one day; pshhh. my friend told me never to hope, it'll only kill me. I think she is right :/

* it's my public blog. i try not to curse openly, you should see my private one, cuss-fest.
** i think you know i'm talking about you.

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