Monday, January 12, 2009

Colors and college;

The other day I was suppose to clean these bottles filled with gunk. It was disgusting. The colors were so bright, it looked like if you came in contact with them you would risk toxic burns or something. But my mom instisted. So I cleaned la; and took pictures of them. Kay la, the pics not very chunted. But working on it :]

super banyak man

so the i color coordinated it.

*hint hint*

seriously, it looks like toxic jelly.

then.. i made a mess. (it REALLY looks like this! after you mix it up that is)

Okay so, first day of college today. Things went off to a rough start, Ju Wei started telling everyone about the news. I will KILL you woman. Why la you have to go? Mmkay, then, skinny and I decided to make the most of everything. We figured that we should just get use to it. So things started to change for the better. I hope we'll make it through this sem fine. Saw many people, pretty happy because we haven't seen each other in AGES. (YOU! We still have lunch! :P i won't forget!) Haha, the stories we shared and stuff we laughed about. Dangg. Good times, good times. Let's make more this semester!

Oh and btw, I linked a few of you guys. hope you don't mind!

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