Thursday, February 26, 2009

Studio 1;

Our 1:1 model is done! :D finally. It was so amazing that we all could pull it off with such a short period of time. Two groups did our presentations today. Jambu and Angel. Most of the pictures is with Miss Aiman.

All our actors were so amazing. Ki Jun, Chantelleee, Aaron and JJ, woah, their acting is effing amazing. So were the Jambu people. By the way, Purple Box is so freaking cold.

Jun and Ami doing their Jambu play.

i used half a bottle of powder on him; but he looks old! :D

Douglas with out model. Look at Angela, she stands!

Ki Junnn! + Lei Ling!

Saw JJ! + LalaLeeLeiLing :]

Problems encountered;
- cardboard pillars to hold the wings and silhouette frame got wet.
- someone ffk our performance, say nak balik tak balik pun.
- did not bring dslr with me so i get sucky photos.

Achievement today;
- taken a step perhaps in leading me to my goal?
- talked to JinJin :] finallyyy.
- banyak foetoes from the play(s).

Assignments to go;
- Services draft
- Construction Slideshow
- Car sticker thing. I forgot about that. Sorry Jun Win.

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