Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i am breaking up with you...

blogspot. i just realized that i've totally abandoned my Xanga for you. how could i do this? =.= amazingly dissapointed in myself. and im sorryyy Xangaaa, im coming back baby! hehe, our 4 anniversary is coming up :) i wont be surprised if i get a Xanga tat by the end of the 10th year.

3 more days till im home free. it's like standing on 1st base, you can see yourself doing a homerun but you cant because there are 'things' in the way, in this case, it would be Cate Blanchett and clan. Ohh i miss Baseball & softball :( Mmm, not that im complaning or anything.. oh wait i am. heh. im bored, no facebook, people are not replying my random texts, and noone's on Twitter :(

summer is almost overr. despite living in a country that is practically summer all year long, i still fancy the term 'summer vacation' some things never die you see. JIS has put a whole lot of things in me, for one, i cannot spell color with a 'u' or realize with an 's'. oh my god, what am i crapping about? Cate Blanchett is still on that football site, hmmm.. anyway, was thinking of a post to wrap up summer.

WORLD STAGE! So fucking stoked! Can't wait. It may just be the right thing for me now. partying and random acts of spontaneity. pretty sure something stupid is going to happen with the company i have that evening.

on a lighter note;

you cannot imagine how much i hate you people and want to rip out your guts and give them to Paul for his entertainment.

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