Sunday, April 20, 2008

short, french and french.

My new eye candy at college. He's;
a. french
b. a chef
c. french
d. short (just about right for my height)
e. french
f. can speak french
g. has a french accent
h. french
i. got a funny way of saying 'chocolate'
j. french
k. friendly

lol. please note that if you think he's short, fat and balding, please remember that he's FRENCH.

Michelle: -_- how old is he again? :)
Me: well, idk. possibly 30+ but idk. he's balding though.. who cares.. he's FRENCH.
Michelle: balding! and he's fat! :O lol li fui :) YES being french just cancels out all of that :D jugulet!

just call me crazy, bitch.
** I'd like to thank Edwin Tong for helping me take these pictures. Oh and Chef Fredric, if you happen to stumble across my blog please note that Edwin Tong takes pastry classes with you. He's taller than you and is incredibly hard to miss :]

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