Saturday, May 10, 2008


I do often visit my blogger account you know, so yes I DO read the posts on the chatbox. Mmhm. As much as I hate my blogger, i still come here mind you :]
anyway, I am in the spirit of revamption latelty. I am planning on revamping my;
1. xanga
- duh, it is not a statement, it's a fact. i love it way too much.
2. myspace
- just the layout. my dp has been changed about 235728357 this year already.
3. my fanlisting
- it needs to be brought back to life again. which means a whole new layout and concept. I need to recruit site helpers and etc.
4. blogger
- if I change one, i need to change all no?
So, please mind the retarded layout attempts now. I don't like pre-made blogger layouts. so I make my own. :D yay me. *claps* haha. however, xanga has some pretty nifty ones that just need a few modifications to suit my site. and that's about it. see why I love xanga?

the artworks of my art god, Alex Pardee. I aim to be just like him :]

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