Monday, October 6, 2008


21st minute that was a nice ass goal.
subbed off after injured in second half; Kalou.

44th minute with the help of Ballack; he's back people!
subbed off at second half; Di Santo

Goes to show that even without mr. 'supposed-to-be- playmaker' (Deco) out of the game, they still manage to stay on top. Shit. 60th minute was scary. There were so many opportunites in the second half tho. There could've been more. Oh well, at least we're still on top of the chart :]

Really, that RM53 was REALLY worth it man. I don't regret a single cent. Getting to see these guys live, so worth it.

Oh and I've finished my essay! Yesss! That means I'll be watching Real Madrid laterr. Good luck people :] Casillas, Metzelder, here I come!

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