Thursday, October 2, 2008

sorry ju dei, rashes & vivi;

can't make it tomorrow because i have something on. i know i said I'd go the next time, which is this, but i can't help it this time because i gave my word to my friend about a week ago. haha. sorry. this time don't count la :D once we go back to college i belanja la kay? ilys.

mmkay, so i was doing my work and read something from TE2, i came across an interesting line. My sister gladly pointed it out as well. haha. sounds like something Rash and Maria would say. haha.

yes i am corrupted like that.

so, it was zar's bday that day and tradition to do photo-sticker thingies. obviously we didn't miss out the chance to take them yet again. i love my butties;

all the authentic photos are on my private journal :] mmkay, so the guys said they had their own session too. they stuck it on that piece of plastic on the wall. look who found it;

I gotta say, Raja and Hash's poses are the closest to 'la-la' Zar. Dutch boys can't be 'la-la's! haha.

NOTE: sorry for the face covering thing. i don't like to put my friends and my pictures on my public blog. if your face is here without anything on your face, i really don't care about you :] RASH, your pictures does NOT count :P if ya'll want the pics text me, i'll send em to you.

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