Sunday, January 31, 2010

you kill me with your kiss, it's so hard to resist you;

the year is starting to look pretty good to me wouldn't you say? i dont care what you say, the Boys Like Girls part of the show was blinking amazing. Much better than The All-American Rejects if you asked me. Maybe because I like them more than AAR. But showmanship most definately goes to Tyson Ritter the Glitter Monster.

I want to go for Saosin but I am so broke. Muse and Paramore, doesn't even need to cross my mind anymore. Thank you for not wanting to cross a fucking bridge. Kris Allen, if I dont ave to pay for you, I'll be seeing you soon. Adam Lambert, I will pay $500 to see you perform right infront of my eyes.

Semester 5 now, we'll see where this takes me this time round.

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