Monday, February 15, 2010

foood, fireworks & freaksinlovee;

It;s that time of year when you can chow down all you can, get fat and noone really cares. It's the only time to be happy being unbounded to someone in order to get some free moolah. A little from here and there goes a long way.

This year was on exception. Only thing was the 'burn your money to make pretty patterns in the sky' (fireworks) session had cut down to about 30%. Though, am still quite satisfied b/c of the shots I got. Enjoyy.

Oh, and it was valentine's day too. Not any different than other years. A little shout out to Adrianna, Tiff, Lisa, Jon Sim, NinjaBro, Amie, Samina, Mr. IrishBoy and Steven. All the stupid things and conversations we had, I cherish. Let's finally visit each other one damn day. lol. And also my mates from college, random places and high school. You know who you are ;P

much lovee.

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