Monday, July 14, 2008

55th here, 205th there;

So yeahhh. I am very happy. Look:

Only a few weeks away!

Mmhm, despite the fact that I am going to have to face college the very next day after the match, I couldn't be happier. Seeing familliar faces again, laughing and doing something for a change. Yeah. Tho I am not so stoked about the fact that this semester I will be taking more theoratical classes than practical ones. But that's life I guess. The sooner I'm done with those, the better.

So I recently stumbled upon Jason's blog. And woah, I did not know that we get 5 points/credits/whatever if we went to Egypt for Design Theory. Uh yeah, some how that seemed to slip away from my knowledge. I also came upon this one post that he had up about everybody being a blogger. He is right, it seems like now everyone has a blog. Which brings me to this survey I took a while back but never posted it up, so I'll re-do the thing and tag some people shall I? It's pretty darn short but yeah.

1. Do you have a blog?
- Yes I do. You're reading it cuntface.

2. Where is it?
- I have a few, but I mostly go on Xanga. my LJ is DEAD. haaa.

3. How long have you been blogging?
- nearly 3 years now.

4. How did you first start blogging and why?
- Well, I liked the idea of writing my daily happenings down and I really just can't be bothered to manually write it down. It started off with Michelle and Izzie having blogs then Izzie introduced me to xanga, ever since then, my xanga and I were joined at the hip. I even print out my previous posts and keep them b/c I know the links and pictures will tire after sometime.

5. What do you write in your blog?
- Daily events and thoughts. Duhh.

6. What kind of a blog is it?
- It's a cross between a photoblog and a written blog I'd say/

7. How many hits do you get a day?
- Idk, you tell me. I don't like the fact that I need a trackker to see how many people have come to my blog site. In fact, most my blogs are on private and the public ones are just for crap or just because some of my friends have accounts on different sites. Like blogger for instance.

8. Do you have pictures on your blog?
- Yes I do.

9. Do you put your real name on your blog?
- You tell me.

10. Does everyone know you have a blog?
- Some people?

11. What is your favourite blog site? Live Journal, Blogger, Xanga, or Other?
- Xanga first on doubt then LJ.

12. Who is allowed to visit your blog?
- different people, different sites.

13. Do you want to be a famous blogger?
- um, no.

14. Is it important that you go on your blog everyday?
- Yes. I have to post EVERYDAY. It's already a habit for me.

15. Is blogging important to you?
- Hella yeah. It basically and literally gave me balls to do stuff. Like I never used to be able to do anything and then after I started posting stuff, I'd began to open up and be able to do some stupid stuff. Also, it kind of lets me reflect on stuff that I did wrong at times I'd be looking through my previous posts and go 'Oh rightttt. Yeah, that sucked.' or something like that.

I tag:
1. Jason Ooi
2. Felix
3. Fiona
4. Edwin
5. Aiman
6. Shakira
7. Chantell
8. Rachel

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