Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stadium Shah Alam;

2 - 0. Chelsea beat Malaysia. Is that very surprising? I don't think so. Malaysia does play well, but not as well as everyone thinks they can, in a very good way. I salute them, they pretty much rock. Though, I was there in a Chelsea shirt. haa :]

It was just so much fun and so much more amazing. I have such good friends who would come to the game eventhough they don't watch football at all. ackk. i love them. And again, I love last minute miracles. Yess, it happened for Daughtry, and now it happened for Chelsea. For Daughtry, I didn't have my tickets/invites till the very last hour (literally), but for Chelsea, I had my tickets. But they got pimped up at the last minute.

It's 2.30 AM. fisherdoodles. I have class tomorrow.

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